Two Meals a Day

Two Meals A Day Cookbook

Over 100 Recipes to Lose Weight & Feel Great Without Hunger or Cravings

TWO MEALS A DAY COOKBOOK includes delicious, nutrient-rich recipes in a variety of categories, all to assist you in gracefully burning fat while maintaining energy, focus, and mood stability. With over 100 mouth-watering recipes, it’s the ultimate addition to any recipe collection. You’ll also enjoy a fantastic Nine Steps To Success section that will get you focused and inspired to take immediate action toward your goals, and provides an excellent overview of the Two Meals A Day lifestyle.

Available everywhere books are sold June 14, 2022

Two Meals A Day

The simple, sustainable strategy to lose fat, reverse aging, & break free from diet frustration forever

Mark Sisson, New York Times bestselling author, MarksDailyApple publisher, and ancestral health movement leader presents what could be the diet book to end all diet books! Finally, an incredibly simple, sustainable strategy that cuts through the hype, confusion and controversy about healthy eating and places the central focus on choosing nutrient-dense foods and eating less frequently. Two Meals A Day works for everyone regardless of dietary preferences, and extends beyond food choices to integrate a comprehensive healthy lifestyle program. 

Available everywhere books are sold

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About Two Meals A Day

Emerging science reveals that when you eat is just as important as what you eat for fat loss, disease prevention and longevity. The Two Meals A Day strategy helps you build the vaunted health attribute of metabolic flexibility—the ability to gracefully burn body fat between meals to keep energy, focus and mood stable. Two Meals A Day offers guidance on not only food choices and meal strategies, but increasing all forms of everyday movement, following a balanced fitness regimen (including cardio and high intensity), getting adequate sleep, recovery, and down time from hyper-connectivity, overcoming self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that often hinder progress, and implementing advanced strategies (including therapeutic cold exposure, extended fasting, and all-out sprinting) for stunning breakthroughs. 

Perhaps most exciting of all, Two Meals A Day offers a refreshing opportunity to succeed with the frustrating challenge of weight loss. By simply reducing meal frequency, stored body fat will become the predominant fuel source and physique goals can be accomplished without the pain and suffering of crash diets. You’ll put your learning into action as the book culminates with a powerful 12-Day Turbocharge, a comprehensive challenge with daily assignments in five areas (Food, Fasting, Fitness, Mindset, and Lifestyle) that are designed to stimulate long-term lifestyle transformation. Enjoy 42 delicious and convenient recipes in a variety of categories that boost dietary nutrient density and make your meals a celebration.

Experts Recommend Two Meals A Day

"Two Meals a Day offers a simple, science-backed template for living a healthier, happier, more vibrant life."
Melissa Urban
New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Whole30 Program®
"Mark Sisson will teach you how to become a fat burning beast! Two Meals A Day will get you real results, quickly and efficiently."
Robb Wolf
New York Times bestselling author of Sacred Cow, Wired To Eat, and The Paleo Solution
"Mark Sisson rises above destructive dogma and faction forming to present a total lifestyle plan that works for everyone—even for those with disparate dietary preferences."
Dr. Cate Shanahan
Family physician and author of Deep Nutrition and The Fatburn Fix 
"Two Meals a Day offers a simple and sensible approach to healthy eating and fat loss, something that's really important in the age of information overwhelm and dietary controversy."
Gabrielle Reece
Author, podcast host, fitness icon, actress, model, supermom
"As an advocate for an animal-based diet, I’m used to aggressive opposition and close-minded detractors. What I appreciate about Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns is their willingness to listen to new ideas, test them out, and maintain an open mind. Two Meals a Day allows for plenty of flexibility and personal preference in creating the ideal eating strategy for you. I’m on a two daily meal plan myself and have found this to be ideal for many of my patients. These guys walk the walk and this allows them to share a valuable message with us from both their research and first-hand experience. Read this book!"
Paul Saladino, MD
Author of The Carnivore Code and host of the Fundamental Health podcast
"Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns have hit it out of the park with this book! Two Meals A Day talks to real people about a realistic eating and active lifestyle plan that will work forever. You don’t need to get bogged down by confusing science or get hammered with an aggressive, dogmatic approach that will bring short-term results and long-term fallout. You don’t have to obsessively count calories or macros, or exercise to exhaustion. When you become accustomed to eating less frequently, choosing the most nutritious and satisfying foods, and staying active throughout the day, you feel an incredible sense of freedom and empowerment. The Two Meals A Day approach has worked with my clients and in my own life."
Elle Russ
Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and host of the Primal Blueprint podcast and the Kick-Ass Life podcast

Meet The Authors

Mark Sisson

Mark is widely regarded as one of the forefathers of the ancestral health movement. A former world-class athlete in the marathon (2:18, Olympic Trials qualifier) and Ironman Triathlon (4th place Hawaii, 1982), he presides over a wide-ranging Primal enterprise, featuring the Primal Kitchen line of healthy condiments, The Primal Health Coach Institute, a line of premium performance and nutritional supplements, and numerous books and online educational courses. He publishes daily tips and inspiration at, the top-ranked blog in its category for the past fifteen years. Mark lives in Miami Beach, Florida with his wife Carrie, where he standup paddles the inland waterways, plays Ultimate Frisbee against hotshots half his age, and enjoys his new role as a grandfather. 

Brad Kearns

Brad is Mark Sisson’s longtime co-author, host of the B.rad podcast, and elite masters athlete. He broke the Guinness World Record in Speedgolf at age 53, is a #1 USA-ranked age 55-59 high jumper, and former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He lives in Lake Tahoe, Nevada with his wife Elizabeth and enjoys a daily cold plunge in the lake year-round.

Two Meals a Day

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